Parking Lot Management App

For Building & Apartment (Condominium)

Mobile LPR SW makes easy to manage of illegal parked cars in parking lot.

Business Benefit

Unique selling-point for business expansion
Cost reduction & Save Time – No extra reading device or manpower
Fast Process – Mobile scanning is more than 20 times faster than a person
Improve Data quality – Easy reachability of customers via data analysis

Technology Benefit

Real-Time Streaming Tracing method
High accuracy & Quality : Scan and import data within seconds
Integration of AI, Cloud and Vision technology bring fast and accuracy performance

Case of Apartment parking lot management

CUBE AI’s mobile LPR App is trusted by most well-known brand of security service company in the world.
The company choses CUBE AI to position itself as an innovation leader within S.Korea market.

With the partnership with CUBE AI, the company is removing manual data entry from apartment parking lot management process.


The security scans and send the vehicles information with mobile LPR app


APT management office inquires parking status (guest parking/illegal parking,etc)


Parking lot management For whole blocks or building of APT.


Trust of apartment management as parking conditions can be identified

Mobile LPR UI