What CUBE AI does

  • CUBE AI is autonomous valet parking technology company.
  • CUBE AI's autonomous valet parking is a technology that
    guides autonomous vehicles from the parking lot entrance
    to the parking spaces.

From Entrance to Parking Space

Cube AI provide autonomous valet parking for various shape of parking lot.
Cube AI Provides the turn by turn autonomous valet parkinig at non GPS enviornment, such as basement parking or parking buildings.

Our Technology

Autonomous Car Control Technology

Cube AI produced an autonomous vehicle and passed the Korean government's approval test. The level of Cube AI's autonomous cars is level 3. In the long term, it is aimed to enable autonomous driving with Camera Only and Deep Learning without relying on lidar.

Indoor Positioning & Path Planning

Cube has a patent submission that enables position and path planning of the car in the indoor environment without GPS. This technology allows autonomous cars to navigate to underground parking lots accurately and to empty parking spaces that are the destination, with an error of less than 5 cm. This technology makes general cars as well as autonomous vehicles possible to navigate in underground parking lots.

Vision Technology

Cube has vision technology. Cube is developing a higher resolution and faster frame for autonomous vehicle use. Besides, Vision technology that can be seen brightly in the dark and technology that can secure the front view stably even in the sudden change of brightness. Cube is also developing technology that can measure depth to vision. Positioning has also achieved the correct level of error up to 5cm using vision technology.

Camera GPS HD Maps Lidar Radar
General Self Driving Technology 0 0 0 0 0 Huge cost. Lots of problems.
CUBE AI Solution 0 x x x x Simple. Low cost Best performance.

CUBE AI enables autonomous navigation by using only the vision camera without depending on GPS, HD Map or Lidar sensor. This is the same as driving a car by judging only the information that comes in when you drive.


Cube AI team has experience in various deep learning projects. Cube completes voluntary car valet parking through various deep learning techniques.

Millions of valet training is required for realizing autonomous valet parking.

Valet Parking?

Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) will be essential for all cars in the near future. Valet parking techniques in autonomous cars save people the time it takes to park and eliminate the stress of parking.

106 days

CUBE AI has a 106 day mission. It takes 106 days for a person to spend a lifetime parking. Cube AI's autonomous valet parking will contribute to making the driver more 106 days to live. During this time, the driver can get up later, have more time to have coffee, chat with friends, and get to the meeting room earlier and relaxed.

Safety Issue

Many people agree that commercialisation of autonomous vehicles requires a considerable amount of time. In particular, cars running at a speed of 100 km/hr are more cautious because they are closely related to human life. However, indoor valet parking is much safer, because the speed of car will be under 5km per hour. Cube AI's technology will be commercialised earlier than regular autonomous drive on the road.

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